A Guide to St Louis

Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri

I recently spent my summer working on a river cruise traveling through the Mississippi River. To say that it was an incredible experience is an understatement. On the 13 weeks I spent on the boat, which I will write about on another post, I got the chance to visit states like Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

One of the places I never would have thought of visiting was definitely St. Louis, Missouri. I fell in love with it and I am so happy I got to spend probably the most time in. Our ship was decommissioned for a week meaning that we had no passengers for a week which means that instead of working our usual 95 hours a week, we had the chance to slow down a bit and only work 40 hours that week. This gave me the chance to explore the city and discover some of its best places to visit.

I put a small list together with the six must see places in St Louis:

#1 Gateway Arch  

View from the Arch at night

The famous arch opened in October of 1965 and stands at an insanely high 630 feet. Most of my friends went during the day but I thought the view was worth seeing at night, and boy was I right. You can see about 30 miles on a clear day or night. Lines were also not long, we waited about 15 minutes for the tram that brings you all the way to the top. Not to mention it feels like you’re stepping into the future in the tiny carts that fit up to five people. It takes about four minutes to reach the top. Tickets are only $13 and you can spend as much time as you’d like at the top.

#2 St Louis Zoo


My thing when I go places, a new state or even country is always to go to the zoo. Yes, most of the time you see the same animals you have previously seen, or they are hiding or sick. But I still love the experience every time. This was actually my first time seeing penguins in real life and they were very close! This a pretty big park and offers a small train that takes you to the “different parts of the world” where each animal comes from. There is also a 4D experience that features a short episode of Spongebob and Patrick looking for jelly fish. During the show you get sprayed with water and your seat vibrates during certain parts, the characters pop out making you feel as if you are a part of the show. Adventure pass is $10.95 and includes entrance to the park, Sea Lion Show, Zooline Railroad, Stingrays at Cove Island, and the Conservation Carousel.


My roommate and I sipping margaritas at the zoo

#3 City Museum

Rooftop chronicles

The city museum is a place for learning and fun. It features a rooftop with slides, a ferris wheel, a school bus hanging half way off the roof, a 10 story slide, caves and other attractions. I have to say, ferris wheels are normally high enough, but a rooftop ferris wheel is for sure enough height for me. It was both, exciting and scary at the same time. The 10 story slide was really fun, even though wearing shorts was probably not the smartest choice but it was extremely hot that day so I didn’t think twice about it. Being short was definitely a plus when getting into the caves which are extremely dark and cold and….TINY! After banging my head a couple of times I decided to explore the rest of the place instead. Entrance is only $16 and access to the rooftop is an additional $5.



#4 Anheuser-Busch


Anheuser-Busch is Budweiser’s largest and oldest brewery. You can tour the family and have a chance to sample their beer twice during the tour. Oh, and did I mention both, the tour and the samples are FREE ?! Yes, no kidding. The walking tour starts out in the  Budweiser Clydesdale Paddock and Stables, and then visit the Beechwood Aging Cellar, historic Brewhouse, BEVO Packaging Facility.It is a fun and interesting way to lear about the history and brewing process.The first sample is a 6 oz and takes place halfway through the tour. The second sample is at the end and gives you the choice to try 16 oz of any of their beers. Could this get any better? Yes it can. There is a trolley that takes you to and from the Budweiser Brew House in the St Louis Ballpark Village  to the brewery  free of charge.


#5 St Louis Ballpark Village

Surprisingly, the only place I don’t have any pictures of other than selfies haha. But if you’re in St Louis and don’t visit the Ballpark Village, did you really go to St Louis?! No. The village is directly across from the Busch Stadium and features a selection of beers and delicious eats. This is also where I tried fried ravioli for the first time. So good! It attached to the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum, Cardinals Nation Restaurant, Budweiser Brew House, FOX Sports Midwest Live!, and PBR St Louis. When I visited there were no games but the place still attracted many people so imagine if the Cardinals were home.

#6 Three Sixty

Rainy night at Three Sixty

As you may or may not know I love going to bars and honestly, nothing beats a good rooftop bar. My roommate and I were searching for different bars to go to every night and without knowing came across Hilton St Louis 360 Rooftop which is on the 26th floor of the hotel. Not nearly as high as the arch but still high enough, 400 feet,to give you a nice 360 view of the city at night. It is located a block from the Busch Stadium giving you a view of their Brew House outside patio and the stadium itself. It is more on the high end of bars but still a really relax and live atmosphere. If you go, I highly recommend trying out their Midnight Madness cocktail, tasty and pretty.


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