Watching over Lake Poway in San Diego, California

How to Travel as a Full Time Student on a Budget

Traveling while in college, or in school in general can seem inconvenient and perhaps impossible. But it does not have to be. Take it from me, I am currently a Travel and Tourism Management senior at Johnson and Wales University in North Miami. This past trimester, I traveled to New Orleans, San Diego, Mexico City and Seattle all while taking four classes and working full time. How did I do it? Let me tell you. 

Gum Wall, Seattle, WA (November 2018)

1. Plan Ahead

I booked all trips for the fall trimester back during the summer time as I came across all the error or low fares. I would not be able to travel so much if it wasn’t for the low prices. To find out how I book my travels, visit my last post. 

Choose your classes for your upcoming trimester or semester and plan your trips around it. For example, I knew since April that I would have 3 online classes and one hybrid that met Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, I booked most of my trips from Thursday to Monday or Friday to Monday. I did miss two of my classes which leads to my next point. 

2. Communication is Key

I let my professor know ahead of time the days that I would be missing and made arrangements to make up my classes. I know that being in college, we are expected to show up to every class. However, I have personally noticed that most professors will be flexible if you let them know ahead of time and show interest in not missing the in-class assignments. Did I mention I took my midterm while in Mexico City and the first part of one of my finals at the Houston Airport during a layover? Yes I did! Trust me, communicate with your professor and you should be fine. Note, it does help when you are a travel and tourism major, as I am just doing my own research in a way haha 

Pike Market Place, Seattle Washington at sunset
Pike Market Place, Seattle, WA at sunset (November 2018)

3. Budget 

Having money while in college can be hard. Take it from me, I work a full time job and attend school while paying my student loans and all other expenses. It can be hard to have the money for travels. If you know you are traveling during the school year, work your butt off all summer to save. Choose to prepare your meals at home as opposed to going out to eat all the time. Save a little from every paycheck. Take on extra shifts. Get a side hustle. Keep your priorities in mind always. 

4. Choose your Destinations Wisely

Realize that when you travel during the school year, you’re traveling  during the off season. Not only pay attention to low fares, but also know that traveling to let’s say, Mexico, might be cheaper in October for a long weekend than it would be in July. Also, make the best of your school breaks. During Thanksgiving break last year, I went to Colombia for 10 days, during my Spring break I did Costa Rica. Search for the cheapest destination to visit during your breaks and book them as soon as you can. 

Costa Rican flag in San Ramon, Costa Rica
San Ramon, Costa Rica (February 2018)

I hope these few tips helped! If you have any other tips or suggestions, feel free to share with me. Got questions? Message me!

Check out my feature on for more tips on traveling as a full time student!

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