Hostel and Resort Experience in Cancún During Covid-19

We just got back from Cancún, Mexico. This post isn’t to tell you “go ahead and travel”, whether you choose to or not it is ultimately your choice, please inform yourself before any decisions and be aware of the risks. Check for any travel updates and advisories ahead of your trip. Everyone has their own opinions and I respect them all, everyone has their reasons.

With that being said, let me start by telling you our experience traveling. We flew out of Chicago, our airline had us scan a QR code with our cell phones which consisted of a health questionnaire where you are asked about exposure with covid, where you have travelled in the last 14 days with dates and asks if you have any symptoms. During boarding you must show it to the gate agent along with your passport and boarding pass. You are required to wear a mask for the duration of the flight, failure to comply may result in you not being able to fly in the future.

Arrival at airport

Once we arrived in Cancun International Airport, everyone was wearing a mask, there were social distancing marks on the floors, there were people with hazmat suits cleaning and you could tell the place was being constantly sanitized.

Our shuttle was visibly sanitized as well, the driver provided us with hand sanitizer before getting on. We had to book a private shuttle as shared shuttles were not available, for obvious reasons.

Hostel Experience

Once at the hostel, before entering the premises we had our temperature taken, ours bags were sprayed with Lysol and we had to use hand sanitizer. Check in was a little different this time around. We had to once again, scan a QR code with a health questionnaire similar to the one we had to fill out before boarding our flight. Then, we had to scan another QR code to complete our check in. Our room key had been ready for us and the front desk agent handed it to us and showed us to our room.

We chose to have a private room this time because it was cheap and made us feel “safer”. Safer in the sense of less space to have to share with others. Later we learned that shared rooms are not being full to capacity, for example, a 6 bed dorm might only occupy 3 occupants unless its members from the same family/group. The common kitchen was closed every two hours for 20 minutes to allow proper cleaning procedures.

One thing we did noticed though, is that wearing a face mask was not enforced for guests other than at check in time. However, be considerate and wear it for your safety and that of others. When entering restaurants and supermarkets it is required to wear one.

The hostel we stayed in was Selina Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone. It was located right where all the nightlife usually happens. However, at the moment most bars, clubs and restaurants remain closed. There are some restaurants open in the area, and the supermarket which has everything you may need even a cafe upstairs, atm machines, liquor, beers, snacks, fresh bread, etc is open.

Resort Experience

For our resort experience, we stayed in NYX Hotel Cancún. It is more of a boutique resort, which gives it a more intimate feel as opposed to the big resorts in the area. We really liked that especially during these times. The food was amazing, better than any resort I have stayed at before, the staff was all very attentive and friendly. The breakfast and lunch menus have a good amount of options. Dinner is buffet style appetizers but the staff serves you, unlike before were we used to serve ourselves. The main dish is ordered from a changing selection every night and brought to your table. During meal times, there might be a bit of a wait during peak times as they are practicing social distancing with the tables.

At our arrival we were asked to step on a mat to sanitize our shoes, our bags were sprayed with Lysol, our temperatures were taken, and we were given hand sanitizer. At check in, we were given sani wipes to wipe our passports before giving them to the agent for check in. Staff wore masks at all times, but we noticed it wasn’t enforced for guests. In the room, there is a small bottle of hand sanitizer included with your toiletries. Overall, great experience.

If you choose to visit during this time, be cautious, wear your mask when around others, wash your hands constantly and remember to tip those providing a service. If you choose to visit at a later time and you stay in one of the two places I have recommended, I would love to hear about your experience.

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