Getaway Cabin Review

Been thinking about getting away into nature where all you hear is the birds chirping in the morning and your own thoughts? Then, a mini Getaway cabin trip might be what you’re looking for. I recently spent two nights in their Dallas, Texas cabins. Which really were located about an hour and a half outside in a town called LaRue. So naturally, I want to share my experience with you guys.

First of all, it was everything I expected and more. It was very peaceful and quiet. The most noise you would hear would be the faint sound of flies and the birds around. Occasionally, I saw a few squirrels. The cabins were far enough from each other that you had plenty of privacy yet close enough that you know if something went down someone could hear your screams. Sorry, but being in the middle of nowhere at night sounds scary to me so that last thought was reassuring to me.


The name of your cabin and the code to access it are provided to you on the morning of your check in. From the moment you make your reservation, you receive an email and a phone number you can reach out to prior to your arrival, during and after your stay. You can really count on the phone number as their staff will answer at anytime. During our stay, I didn’t know how to work the AC unit, so I texted them and got a reply literally two minutes later with exact instructions on how to reset it which is what it needed. So rest assure, someone is available should you need them. Also, each cabin has a little driveway where you can park your car. It is small enough that no other car could possibly fit by.

The Cabin

The actual cabin is small but very cozy. I booked a one bed, which consisted of a comfortable queen bed. When you first enter, there is a table, a small kitchen with two stove tops, a sink, a mini fridge, a kettle and all utensils you could possibly need along with coffee creamers, sugar, oil, salt and pepper. The bathroom consists of a smaller room with a toilet and shower, with also two bath towels and a shower mat as well as shampoo, conditioners, body wash, 2 rolls of toilet paper and a mini first aid kit that are provided complimentary. In the kitchen, there is also a mini commissary with candies, hot chocolate, cookies and such with the price menu included. Wood for the fire pit is provided at an additional charge.

Outside of the cabin, you have a picnic table, two lounge chairs and a fire pit. All of this in your own little piece of outside space to enjoy the outdoors. Side note, be aware that cell service might be limited. I recommend that you download offline maps ahead of time just in case, click here for some of my favorite apps. Also, let someone you trust know where you are and for how long just as a precaution any time you travel.

Things to do

RELAX! After all, the point is to get away from your every day life and just enjoy nature. Bring books, boardgames, speakers for listening to music, snacks, wine, and such to enjoy with your loved one(s) and/or friend(s). Inside the cabin, there is a folder with some ideas for activities as well as prompts for how to enjoy your time there, use those.

As I mentioned before, we stayed in LaRue, Texas which had nothing around for miles. The closest “mini mart” was about 7 miles from our Getaway cabin and did not sell alcohol. The closest Walmart to pick up snacks and other things we needed was about 15 miles away. Other than that, I found that other things around included New York Zipline Adventure Park, Waterpark At The Villages and 3 P’s in a Vine Winery. The winery was only open for curbside pick up so make sure to check before heading anywhere during these times.

Overall, it was a great experience. I recommend it if you’re looking for a simple and chill getaway from the city life. The cabins are well kept, feel secure and provide a relaxing “glamping” experience. It is also a plus that they have many locations across the US giving you a chance for a mini getaway during these times of social distancing.

If I have convinced you to book your next getaway experience, feel free to use my code !


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  1. Wendy says:

    I loved the article!! Thank you.


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